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About your free Fortnite download: 13500 vbucks

Your free Fortnite download of 13500 vbucks enables bleary eyed gamers to play long games of Battle Royale, if not endlessly.  It is difficult for outsiders to understand the craze that exists over internationally popular Fortnite.  This game is played, or should I say, fought, by children,  teens and adults around the world.

Longing for a return to their childhood, adults finance, watch and give commentary on Fortnite as epic battles ensue in this world famous game.

“My mom didn’t let me play video games growing upso now I doGaming gives me a chance to just let goblow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension.” (Wayne Brady in Brainy Quotes, 2019)


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We therefore have to ask the question, “what is Fortnite?”

Fortnite is a warfare video game that is played live online.  It was developed by Epic Games in 2017 and is played by millions.  Fortnite Battle Royale is played by over 125 persons internationally.

A plus is that Fortnite can be played across a wide variety of electronic devices including Mac, PC, Nintendo, Xbox, android and IOS cellphones.

FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks – There are three versions of Fortnite

Fortnite currently has three versions (Wikipedia, 2019) and is being constantly updated:

  1. Fortnite Save the World
  2. Fortnite Battle Royal
  3. Fortnite Creative


fortnite battle royale vbucks

About Fortnite Save the World

I love the theme of Fortnite Save The World since it promotes cooperation, defense of the planet and heroism.   The scene is that of an apocalypse in which the earth is razed by a fluke storm. This causes extinction of 98% of the world’s  population.  Seeing an opportunity, “husks” or zombie like creatures attack the survivors.

The players in the game must block new storms,  protect themselves, save survivors, build shelters, collect resources, saving survivors, and defend equipment.  This is certainly a positive game to play.


About Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative is a game that challenges human creativity and thinking up to the highest level of synthesis.  Creating things is the highest level of human intellectualism and should be developed in people everywhere.

In Fortnite Creative, players are given the leeway to create things on an island. These include “battle arenas, race courses, platforming challenges and more” (Wikipedia, 2019).

Who knows, Fortnite might soon release  eductional degrees in designs of all kinds – construction, fashion, architecture and more. Why stop at games?!

About Fortnite Battle Royale

The scenario in Battle Royale  is the map of an island that continually reduces in size.  To make it more fun, one hundred players play solo or in squads of up to four warriors.

These players, ummm, warriors, are  parachuted unto a map that cruelly  shrinks all of the time.  After the players parachute unto the island, they find their choicest location. In order to fight the war, the warriors, like the one below, are provided with  various types of weapons, armor, and other gear.

Warriors cannot be chicken since the map forces them out of hiding, if they try to escape the warfare.



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FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks – Enter Fortnite vbucks

Fortnite vbucks are the virtual, in app currency of Fortnite.  During the game, warriors can change their outfits and weapons or skins by paying a small fee.  This is certainly good for hygiene, particularly if you got dirty by soil and other island paraphernalia.

A change of clothing would be enhanced if preceded by a shower in the game. However, you are likely to get shot at and decimated while enjoying such luxuries during the violent combat.

Maybe Fortnite vbucks could become the next kind of cryptocurrency. Who knows?

FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks 1

Are there pluses in the game of Fortnite?

Pluses in the game includes fun outfits, dancing, the cool graphics and ability to interact with other people worldwide.

The game has crossed divides and reveals the ingenuity and strategic skills of people outside of North America and Europe.

Killing zombies is not a bad thing and very, very good for the planet

Zombies are bad for the planet and should be exterminated. Going by other synonyms such as extraterrestrials to name a few, zombies hate the human race. Therefore, we should exterminate them by all means possible.

The ancient battle against zombies must go on and the human race MUST defend itself by all means possible.  They do not belong here and therefore should NOT be permitted.

Fortnite trains humans to dislike everything to do with them, because they are destructive. The game trains humans to have strong spirits and to bring zombies into extinction.

FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks
FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks 2

About your free Fortnite download: 13500 vbucks Your free Fortnite download of 13500 vbucks enables bleary eyed gamers to play long games of Battle Royale,

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That pickaxe in Fortnite

The pickaxe in Fortnite represents a weapon of construction and not mass destruction. Fortnite Creative features a pickaxe which is used for building purposes. These buildings include strong fortifications. This teaches humans the importance of personal, national and international defense.

It is used in Fortnite Save the World to build defenses and in Fortnite Battle Royale to quickly move across the island, self defense against enemy fire and to delay advancing enemies.

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Are there any cons of Fortnite?

3 Questions about the fundamental principles revealed in Fortnite Battle Royale

I really loved the themes of Fortnite Creative and Fortnite Save the World. However, some elements of  Fortnite Battle Royale did not appeal to me.

I am asking these three questions:

  1. Why can’t the players be removed, and not killed, if they lose a fight?  
  2. Another question relates to the shrinking map. Does someone believe that the planet is shrinking?
  3. Are the children of this era being indoctrinated into believing that killing is an acceptable way of life? What will happen then to the future generations of the human race?

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Why is killing the central focus of Fortnite Battle Royale?

As a responsible citizen of the earth,  I  ask myself  killing is celebrated as an achievement in the game Fortnite.

The act of killing another human symbolizes the end of that physical life and loss of a spirit from a body. When a human kills another one, the legal system applies various forms of punishment. However, in Fortnite,  the winner takes away all of the prizes and is therefore rewarded.

We must ask whether or not killing and destruction desirable ways of living for the human race?

FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks 3

Overactive imagination disclaimer – The stadium setting  which Fortnite (Battle Royale) is played also reminds me of the Roman coliseums of ancient times

Championship Fortnite games are played on big screens mounted in huge stadiums. As the excitement builds in these epic games, fans watch virtual people being killed in Fortnite Battle Royale.  This scenario reminds me of the historic Roman coliseums which gladiators warred to the death with each other and with lions.

A horrific throwback to the Roman stadiums, humans once more are being trained to celebrate bloodshed, albeit virtual. We must ask if, like the Roman Empire, this era is coming to an end.

How will it end?

Do we believe, as on Fortnite Battle Royale, that the age will  end in terrible epic battles until only one winner is left? If so, who is that winner?



FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks – Would I recommend Fortnite as a game to be played?

Yes I would recommend Fortnite because the game is fun and engaging. However, I ask that the killing of humans be replaced instead by punishment representing eviction from the game. This would certainly reduce my concerns that, maybe unknowingly, the game is training to kill by repetition.

Kill zombies, ETs and other non – human and harmful elements that injure the race. I believe that Fortnite  should promote good ideals that enhance the growth and development of the human being.

Meantime, Fortnite die-hards could certainly enjoy the benefits of our FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks for longer plays.

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FREE Fortnite Download: 13500 vbucks

About your free Fortnite download: 13500 vbucks Your free Fortnite download of 13500 vbucks enables bleary eyed gamers to play long games of Battle Royale,

Product Brand: vbucks

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 0.00

Product In-Stock: 1

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