McDonalds Jumps Into The Chicken Sandwich Wars

McDonalds  And Jack In The Box Escalate Chicken Wars Sep 14


On September 12th 2019, Press Telegram reported that McDonalds and Jack In The Box had jumped into the Chicken Sandwich Wars .  The Chicken Sandwich Wars began on August 12th, 2019 when Popeyes launched a new spicy chicken sandwich similar  to one on Chick-Fil-A’s menu.  Two weeks later, they ran out of bun and went under cover.




Popeyes’ Bring Your Own Bun Campaign

Popeyes  resurfaced on on Thursday 12th September with a Bring Your Own Bun campaign. The entire situation has roused a considerable degree of public interest, with Twitter raging on the issue.   Memes, skits and humor abound. Even other chicken sandwich restaurants pitch in, disdaining the fact that Popeyes could actually have run out of chicken, and in such short time!






Twitter users’ comments on the chicken sandwich wars



You should read, “Why Popeyes is still out of fried chicken sandwiches”


McDonalds Jumps Into The Chicken Sandwich Wars 1


Search engine headlines on the chicken sandwich wars

I thought that I’d share some of the headlines in the search engines on the chicken sandwich wars

Chicken sandwich wars: Popeyes and Chick-fil-A feud on Twitter in bid to boost sales

One of the points that the writer made was that while Popeyes gained more the followers, these may not translate into sales. Additionally Chick-fil-A is already more popular, since they lead Popeyes in sales. This launch certainly was like a fire that blew up and ended really fast.

As  The Great Chicken Sandwich Wars Rage, My Quest To Get Popeyes

The Chicken Sandwich War –

Chicken Sandwich Wars: The Mike Scott Hive is Headed to …

Popeyes fried chicken sandwich shortage: How it happened .

Enter McDonalds into the chicken sandwich war

This is no chicken sandwich party. It is the time for the chicken wars.  Everybody needs ,nothing less than spicy chicken in preparation for the upcoming freezing winter. Seizing on the opportunity for social media attention, McDonalds quickly produced a new spicy chicken sandwich  for the chicken loving American public.  It’s amazing how  rapidly  people can come up with a new chicken sandwich recipe when there is fun and cash to be had (self talk).

So what new chicken sandwich offering has McDonalds brought to the table?

McDonalds new products are the spicy BBQ chicken sandwich and the spicy BBQ glazed chicken tenders.  Perhaps taking warning from Popeyes’ failed spicy chicken sandwich launch, McDonalds’ newbies will be limited editions.

The spicy BBQ chicken sandwich  will consist of a sesame bun, onions, pickles and a buttermilk crusted white meat chicken filet and a smoky BBQ sauce.

Meantime, the spicy BBQ glazed chicken tenders  will include buttermilk crispy tenders tossed in spicy BBQ sauce with a hint of jalapeno  (Yahoo Finance, 2019).

Somehow, though, McDonalds seems to have stayed on the safe side by barbecuing their chicken. I wonder if the public would fall for it. They were awestruck, it seems, by the sudden availability of the formerly unattainable Popeyes nationwide.  Absence does make the heart grow fonder.


mcdonalds spicy bbq chicken on

  McDonalds Spicy BBQ Chicken


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Nutritional value and calories  – Mcdonalds chicken sandwich

McDonalds chicken sandwich has a slightly lower concentration of sodium than Popeyes and Chick-fil-A.However, I wonder if these companies have explored sea salt as an alternative. Sea salt is tastier, carries more nutrients and is more healthy. Sea salt will take those chicken sandwich flavors to heaven.


nutrients in mcdonalds spicy bbq chicken sandwich


Have you heard about the real historical chicken war?

Chicken War or Hen War was a 1537 anti-royalist and anti-absolutist rebellion led by the Polish nobility.  Another branch of aristocrats, called the Magnates, mocked the rebels. They claimed that the rebels’ only action was to eat up most of the local chicken when they gathered for the rebellion (Wikipedia, 2007).

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McDonalds Jumps Into The Chicken Sandwich Wars

McDonalds  And Jack In The Box Escalate Chicken Wars Sep 14   On September 12th 2019, Press Telegram reported that McDonalds and Jack In The Box had j

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